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Frequently Asked Questions

Sending money on Hami Express mobile app or web is easy as 4 easy steps 

How easy to Send Money on Hami Express

  • Sign up or log in 
  • Choose country and amount to send  
  • Choose recipient 
  • Confirm and pay 

You can pay your transfer using both Visa and MasterCard Debit.Sorry, we don't accept credit cards

Hami Express platform only support Visa or MasterCard Debit cards. 



Cancel a transaction

You can cancel most transfers, if the recipient has not received the funds.

To cancel a transfer, follow these steps:

  • Go to, sign in to your account, and select Transaction history. Or, open the Hami Express mobile application on your mobile or tablet device. When you are logged in to the app, you are automatically taken to your Transfers.
  • Go to the bottom of your receipt and select Cancel transfer. If you do not see this option, 
  • To help us improve our service, please provide a reason for your cancellation
  • Once your transfer is canceled, we’ll provide you with a new receipt and send you an email confirming that your cancellation is in progress

If you cancel your transfer on the same day that you’ve sent funds, it’s likely that you will be refunded within 24 hours. For cancellations made the next day and beyond, refund timelines may vary depending on how far along your transaction is in the transfer process.

Right to refund

"You, the customer, are entitled to a refund of the money to be transmitted as the result of this agreement if Hami Express does not forward the money received from You within 2 days of the date of its receipt, or does not give instructions committing an equivalent amount of money to the person designated by You within 48 hours  of the date of the receipt of the funds from You unless otherwise instructed by You. If Your instructions as to when the moneys shall be forwarded or transmitted are not complied with and the money has not yet been forwarded or transmitted, you have a right to a refund of Your money. If You want a refund, you must send an email to customer support at


What information does Hami Express require and why?

Occasionally we will request you to verify your identity. This is to keep you safe and ensuring you are the only one with access to transfer funds from your account and to comply with anti-money laundering rules. For your convenience, we will use the information you provide when you link Hami Express to verify your identity electronically. However, in some cases we may need additional documentation. The type of documentation we ask for depends on where you are sending money from.

Documents we may ask for include:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Bank statements

There are some instances where we may ask about the nature of your remittance. We know that sharing this information can feel uncomfortable, but our goal is to protect you, while meeting regulatory obligations.

How does Hami Express keep my personal information safe and secure?

We work hard to protect your information and to ensure your peace of mind and have a robust security system to keep you safe around the clock.

  1. Hami Express uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the safest, most secure experience possible. SSL technology enables encryption of sensitive information, including passwords and credit card numbers, during your online transactions. All the forms on our site are secured with SSL technology so your personal information stays safe and secure.
  2. Hami Express uses Two-factor authentication (2FA) to make it more difficult for cyber criminals to breach any accounts.
  3. Hami Express has sophisticated compliance system with advanced KYC and AML compliance features - protecting our customers and our brand.

If you encounter an unauthorized charge from Hami Express, please contact us immediately so we may secure your account and investigate the activity at